As a businessman, what is the worst nightmare for you? You do not even want to think about it. Truthfully, property damage is the biggest blow you have to endure in the commercial world.

Consider this: one day, you have skyrocketing dreams about your business, and another day an earth-shattering calamity hits you, leaving you in loss and pain. Now, do you have a Commercial Restoration company on board?

Lake Effect Restoration services are centered on customers. We are a commercial restoration company with years of experience rebuilding your property to pre-loss condition- effective and timely. We rescue you within a blink of disaster without delays and complications.  

Your post-disaster commercial property is our responsibility.

We provide never-seen-before emergency response in the middle of jeopardy promptly. Letting you thrive again is our dream job. Our team of professionals rebuilds your property in a positive and environmentally friendly manner so that you do not need restoration again. Plus, we understand the current inflation, so our services are budget-friendly. 

We work with all insurance companies to keep you in the safety net.

Inside our Post-disaster services for commercial properties:

Our commercial restoration services are backed by IICR Certified professionals who are trained exceptionally to counter disaster management in their respective fields:


One thing can wreak havoc on your commercial property-water damage. Only roof leaks can cause 15% of water damage. The intensity can be gauged by toilet leakage amounts to another 15% of commercial water damage. 

This causes a whopping 30% of commercial property damage alone. Apart from that, flooding, sewerage, plumbing clots and leaks are other stressful challenges. Storm damage is also a pain point for property owners. 

Our Water Damage Restoration is swift, time-tested, and according to industrial standards.

Now, our remarkable professional service makes sure to handle the situation correctly before it’s too lateLake Effect Restoration adheres to the ANSI-approved IICRC S500 and S520 Standards to provide emergency response. Our ultimate goal is the genuine satisfaction of business owners to rebuild commercial entities.


Nothing is more gut-wrenching than a fire accident consuming your property or home. The experience is bone-chilling and soul-crushing for any property owner. 

What’s more dreadful is that fire puts business on halt, and any delay in restoration further accelerates loss.  

Fire and smoke damage place your business on downtime regarding property devastation and logistic supply. This means that your business needs an immediate operational recovery plan to kick-start itself. 

That’s why we are here to help you at this critical juncture. Our fail-proof equipment and certified team visited the site on time to assess the damage and fire system design. 

Furthermore, we inspect the fire’s nature and collection of sensitive machinery and raw material. We also secure your confidential business data and other important machinery you will need to run your business from another location. 


Mold damage in commercial buildings is a high-risk phenomenon. It can trigger structural damage, health hazards and even chronic allergy reactions. You cannot take it for granted. 

Imagine having an already weak immune system and mold formation, even making it worse. Would you continue to work in this unethical business environment? Certainly, no, because your building needs commercial cleaning. 

The allergic reactions to mold formation are mind-numbing.

Our comprehensive and proven roadmap makes your building mold-free. 

In our mold removal service, we locate, examine and separate the mold formation in the building with our latest filtration technology. 

Throughout the mold remediation process, we use EPA/OSHA guidelines. In Michigan, our customers trust us because of word of mouth.


Regardless of any damage during the storm, we are here to rebuild you. The worst damages are often caused by hurricanes and winds to the property. This can put your business on a halt and rupture the logistics supply. 

Your business truly needs a rescue plan to sustain itself. Here at Lake Effect restoration, we help you to rebuild it on an emergency basis. 

Our professional workforce will remove any property damage instantly to smooth operational services. And our mind-blowing machinery will help you to powerfully empower your business.  

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